Excellent Food

Garden-fresh dishes made from the highest quality produce, sourced personally by the French Owners.

Friendly Staff

Surrounded by a warm atmosphere, deceivingly French hospitality. Robert Baxa and Claudette Gourjux Co-Owners, greet you with welcoming smiles & ready with ample banter.

Great Location

Warm days yields the opportunity to sit on the patio overlooking a lovely garden. Located in a house on the corner of Gordon Road and Keith Avenue in Florida North, Roodepoort, along with parking on the premises. It is wheel chair friendly.

Special Events

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Mangez bien

Haute cuisine. Amuse-bouche: A bit-sized hors d'œuvre; literal translation: something amusing/pleasing to the mouth An improve shoot with an iPhone at Les Délices De France, a breezy afternoon spent well. Amuse-bouche is far cry from the generous portions served by the wonderful chef. Next visit hope to shoot more vigorally!

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