A little French restaurant – serving authentic French food – in a modern way.

Garden-fresh dishes made from the highest quality produce, sourced personally by the French Owners. Surrounded by a warm atmosphere, deceivingly French hospitality. Robert Baxa and Claudette Gourjux Co-Owners, greet you with welcoming smiles & ready with ample banter.
Warm days yields the opportunity to sit on the patio overlooking a lovely garden. Located in a house on the corner of Gordon Road and Keith Avenue in Florida North, Roodepoort, along with parking on the premises. It is wheel chair friendly.
*We are now fully licensed.

Robert Baxa

Chef & Co-Owner

Robert, is from Alsace, France. Creations that flow out of the kitchen and dedication to making each dish incomparable, reflects in the dish being served. Choosing only the freshest ingredients and best products to prepare the dishes daily. A true reflection of the culinary art – for most of his life, thriving benevolently in the kitchen.

Claudette Gourjux

Manager & Co-Owner

Claudette, is from Lyon, France. Patisserie shops were abound – her loving father made sweets & patisseries. Young to a flavoursome age, food was an art & connection to people. Renowned for gastronomy – the capital France – Claudette has a modern & traditional influence in her cuisine. Resonating her opulence in South Africa, owning a restaurant in Melville the start to a long devoted line in Cuisine.