Christmas in July

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les-delice-de-france-christmas (21)
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Little French mice came to my rescue during the long winter months. Baxa & Gourjux; my ever lovelies – poised with warmth, grace & poignant delectable food.

The eve – enchanting with French tradition. An orange under a Christmas tree? These trinkets of African charms showing that they love South Africa. Bustling with laughter at the entrance with pre-drinks before being seated. Wonderful little decorations, jostling in the light.

Mere food bombarding the plates in a delicate manner. Treated with MOUNDS of food! The misconception of French cuisine, having to be tiny servings. Age old traditions, saturating the air… down into my belly. Vegetable Terrine for starters was a little different than the norm. My penchant, to ever expand my palate craved what was to come. Oysters – surprisingly so – were not my cup-o-tea. Chris, Claudette’s husband thought I was a lunatic, inundating each morsel in his mouth.The extended family were there, Claudette sad cause her dear little mouse was in France – Chris entertained my mind with wonderful knowledge of winery. Oak barrels, fermentation, whilst topping up my glass. This maybe the drenching reason for the dearth of terminology. From the Director of Porsche through to Antony Yapanis, owner of Yapanis, designers, art buyers – conversation never ran dry.

Delightfully so, discovering sorbet was to cleanse the pallet between courses, not just a desert!

The most flavoursome gammon, layered in crunchy vegetables – aromatic melodic mix of cloves and meat. Traditionally with Baxa & Gourjux – desert is their demise. A gorgeous soufflé of meringue.

As with the French the course is never finished, Camembert cheese, drizzled honey and nuts. Not rationally French but served the South African way.

La famille d’abord

- *GIrlwithshoes, Bryanston